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Welcome to the Ecotech Performance Website


Specialist ECU Remapping, DPF Solutions, DPF Cleaning, Custom Mobile Remaps, Bespoke Tuning and Rolling Road/Dyno based in North Wales and covering all of the North West and UK

Here at Ecotech Performance we provide fully Custom ECU Remapping across the UK, focusing on the North West of England and North Wales, including Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Chester, Wrexham, Shropshire and across the UK.

We are fully Insured for your piece of mind and have 10+ years experience in Re-mapping, Chip tuning, Vehicle diagnostics, Fault finding, DPF Cleaning and DPF Solutions.

We only use genuine, market leading licensed editing software and ECU flashing and diagnostic tools.

Remapping for your vehicles engine control unit (ECU) optimises your engine, which will dramatically improve performance and (in most diesel applications) your fuel economy*

Here at Ecotech Performance we Custom Re-map and live data log your vehicles engine control unit to optimise your vehicles performance.

Our fully custom and specialist ECU Calibrations are written in house by our own ECU calibration engineers. 

This is all carried out on our in house state of the art 2wd Dyno/Rolling road.


By modifying/re-calibrating the computer that controls your cars engine (ECU) and the parameters programmed in to it from the factory, our engineers at Ecotech can optimise every aspect of the engine. The throttle response, delivery of power, the level of power and the torque the vehicle produces.

A by-product of tuning an engine in a bespoke fashion is that fuel economy can be increased in the majority of diesel applications.

This gain in MPG is mostly controlled by you the driver. If you drive the car ‘hard’ all the time then the gains will be little, or at best, minimal gains. If however, you drive in an efficient manner you could see much improved benefits.

Some reports from past customers are in excess of 15MPG.

We will not blind you with Economy OR Power remaps or a blend of the Two, as many ‘Remappers’  claim, as this simply is not the truth.

The only true economy remap is one that is less powerful….

However, a more efficiently tuned engine with an aware, efficient driver in control will without doubt see fuel efficiency benefits within their daily driving habits.


VAG 1.6 TDI Remapping
We are now offering ECU remapping for the latest 1.6tdi VAG engines found in the Audi A1 and A3. VW Polo, Golf and Caddy. Skoda Fabia and Octavia. DPF Removal for the 1.6tdi VAG engines is also available.


You could save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in fuel every year with our remapping service. This is available for the majority of production cars, vans, commercials and motorhomes.

We also provide complete tuning packages, providing hardware modifications to suit your budget aswell as customised software to get the best from those modifications.

All of our software is developed on our rolling road in house, to give you a smooth, progressive and linear power delivery, still within component specification, so as to have peace of mind when it comes to your vehicles reliability.


 •Fantastic Power and Torque gains

•Enhanced sharper throttle response

•Smoother more progressive power delivery

•More MPG*

•Undetectable by main dealers (in most circumstances)

•Lifetime Software Warranty


VAG DSG Remaps

We also provide many other ECU and vehicle related services. Check out our ‘Products and Services’ page for info on

Rolling RoadDPF Removal and more…

* Driver style dependant