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Bentley Remapping

Performance Tuning options available below.
Ecotech’s performance or economy software will release your vehicles full potential.
It will provide you with safer overtaking, more miles per gallon and a smoother, more responsive overall drive. Your vehicle will feel like a new machine.




Model Variant Orignal BHP Price Ecotech Performance
Continental GT 560 BHP £2,500 Stage 1: ECU Remap +55 BHP +142 Nm Torque

Don’t worry if you cant see your vehicle listed above, it does not mean we don’t offer performance or economy software. Please contact us for more information.

The figures above are intended as a guide, each vehicle will differ slightly due to wear and tear. You will usually see better results from a well-maintained vehicle.

All the vehicles safety features will remain intact and the software is undetectable by main dealers.

Any of the upgrades will be altered to suit the customers/vehicle requirements, If you have any specific requirements please let us know.

All of our tuned software comes with a lifetime guarantee, an additional mechanical warrantee is available upon request.