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DPF Removal Discount – £100

 From now until August we are offering a £100 discount on all DPF Removals. Call or email us for a quote or just check out the prices HERE  and take off £100.

Don’t be fooled by lesser, cheaper companies offering this service as most of them will just be ‘patching’ your ECU to stop any lights coming on on your dash. Then around every 600-1000 miles you will have the car begin to smoke heavily and cause no end of issues and damage to your engine up to and including complete failure in some cases. We properly and manually remove all the DPF functions from the ECU to guarantee you no further DPF related Problems. We do not use automatic map finding software that fails to work most of the time, we know where the maps are that we need to change and we have 100% success rate and 100% satisfied customers because we use this method.

The majority of our DPF Removal services come with complimentary tuning should you wish to have it. Get in touch via the contact page for more info. Alternatively and for more information you can head over to our Specialist DPF Removal site at

6 Responses to DPF Removal Discount – £100

  1. Darren says:

    Hi having problems with dpf on my mazda6. It is a 2006 model,wondering how much to have it removed and remapped. It says on your site that you currently have £100 off dpf removals,is this true? Thanks Darren

    • Ecotech says:

      Hi Darren

      Yes the offer is still on. Full DPF Removal is currently £499. This includes Hardware removal, software changes and a performance/economy remap.
      If you would like to book in then just call us on 01244 637076

  2. Nick says:

    how much for a DPF removal and economy remap for ford focus 1.6 Diesel 56 plate ?

  3. Phil says:

    Hi, How much for the DPF removal and power remap on Porsche Cayenne 3.0l Diesel 2011 model?

    • Ecotech says:


      Its currently on offer at £650 all in. This will include physical removal, software changes and tuning carried out on one of our rolling roads.
      Best regards

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