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DPF Removal DPF Delete DPF Cleaning

Is your DPF warning light on?

Are you wondering why your DPF light has come on? If so it means that your DPF is partially blocked and needs to regenerate (clean itself). You could experience loss of engine power until a regeneration has taken place. This could unfortunately be a start of your problems with the DPF. Once the DPF light has come on you should drive according to manafacturers instructions (stated in handbook) it’s usually something like 4th or 5th gear at around 2500 RPM for approximatly 20 minutes to complete the regeneration of the DPF sucessfully.

If your DPF light as well as other lights such as the Engine Management light and Glow Plug light or any other warnings on your cars information system are on, then this will mean that your DPF is almost completely blocked.

In this case, your car will almost certainly run with less power (limp mode) You can choose to get your DPF replaced (often costing between £1000 and £2000 and in some cases even more. With our DPF Removal or DPF Delete service you can have your DPF removed completely at a fraction of the cost. If you would like to have your DPF removed and would like a quote, then get in touch with us via the Ecotech Performance contact page or call us on 01244 637076

For further information check out our specialist DPF Removal website by clicking on the link below

DPF Removal

How we do it

We physically remove the section of exhaust that houses the vehicles DPF filter. Then remove the DPF filter itself. Once that is complete we then re-fit the section of exhaust that used to contain the DPF to the vehicle and make a change within the vehicles software to stop fault codes being stored in the ECU or the regeneration proccess being started.

The method we use means that your car will not fail the MOT test as the new criteria that has been added to the test in February 2014 stating that a visual inspection of the DPF Filter must be carried out to see that it is still in place. Most DPF’s are hidden behind undrtrays in a location that cat be veiwed by a tester anyway as they are not allowed to remove anything to do the inspection.

If you have your vehicles DPF Removed with us then the exhaust system will look just as it did when you bought the car in to us and therefore will pass the test. 

Thats it, complete, and looks just as it did before the work was carried out, except your without the limp mode, reduced performance and poor MPG.

  • No more reduced performance or limp mode
  • No more engine management/warning lights
  • No more regeneration cycles
  • Improved Economy
  • Improved Turbo & Throttle Response
  • Improved Performance


*Software only* prices starting from £220

This service can be used in conjunction with economy or performance software upgrades to make savings

We are also able to carry out a forced regeneration of VAG vehicles fitted with DPF’s. Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda and Audi for just £99.

 DPF Cleaning

This is done using a patented process and chemicals to break down the soot that has built up in the DPF

(diesel particulate filter).

Using this service guarantees that you will have no more management/dash lights or limp mode associated with a blocked DPF any longer.

Use the contact page to get in touch. Or for more details check out our specialist DPF Cleaning page HERE.