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Diesel Engine Remapping


All modern turbo diesel (TDI) engines respond enormously well to engine remapping, with power gains only dreamt of with the old generation turbo diesels. This is mainly thanks to the introduction of finely controlled common rail injection systems fitted to most modern engines.

This system is much like the injection system of a petrol engine, with the injection duration controlled by the engines computer and not a mechanical pump.

TDI remapping will improve power by at least 35% for most modern and new generation engines with some of the best conversions coming from the 1.9 TDI PD, 2.0 TDI PD, 2.5  and 3.0 TDI engines which can see as much as 50% gains

The 2.5 TDI Audi A4 155 BHP and torque of 310 NM from standard, remapping this engine boosts power to over 191 BHP and the torque to over 362 NM. This sort of power was unthinkable from a diesel engine just a few years ago, now thanks to the breath taking pace of technological advancements in engine remapping we can achieve these awesome power gains from our VAG performance software.

Nearly all makes and models can be remapped directly via the vehicles standard diagnostic port, including the new generation EDC16 and unprotected EDC17  systems.

Tricore tuner protected systems cannot be tuned via the OBD port, the ECU must be manually removed and flashed with a BDM programmer as they would have been in the factory.

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