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Custom Tuning and Development

Custom Tuning for your vehicle

The key benefits of our Rolling Road/Dyno being used for development of our custom tuning is that we can tailor your requirements in the tuning without any guessing. We can run live data logging sessions to show that we are making the correct changes within the software so as to have the vehicle running at its optimum level. Whether your vehicle is stock/standard or whether you have made modifications to the vehicle ie hybrid or bigger turbo, uprated injectors, larger intercooler or any other hardware modifications to boost performance of your vehicle.

Once we can see and monitor what is going on by using the live data that we get from running the vehicle on the Dyno we can make the changes needed within the software on the ECU to have the vehicle running safely but with the best performance possible.

Call us on 01244 637076 or 07814976624 to discuss your custom mapping session or enquire via the contact page