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Guarantee and conditions

All Tuning modules from Ecotech Performance come with a 3 Year System Warranty.

We also offer a Free 12 month engine warranty subject to our terms and conditions.

When purchasing a unit from Ecotech Performance you are agreeing to the following conditions:

1. No Damages or consequential costs can be claimed from Ecotech Performance.

2. The units remain the Property of Ecotech Performance until payment has been made in full.

3. Ecotech Performance Tuning Modules carry a non transferable 3-year Warranty.

4. Warranties are void if units are found faulty from water damage or incorrect installation or over adjustment. Unless installed by an official Ecotech Performance installer.

5. All adjustments to our Tuning modules must be made by an official Ecotech Performance installer or Warranties will be VOID.

6. If a unit is found to be faulty within the First 14 days of purchase a new unit will be issued or a full refund minus postage costs will be given.

7. All fitting instructions are supplied as a guide only, Ecotech Performance will not be held responsible for any damages caused during fitment.

8. If units are found to be faulty within the warranty period, the original unit must be returned to Ecotech Performance for repair. If a unit is found to be un-repairable, a new one will be issued.

9. If we agree to refund within the first 14 days for a system which was supplied correctly, but is no longer required, we will charge an administration/restocking fee of £25 (including vat). The remainder will be refunded to your credit card/PayPal account within 14 days. The customer will be responsible for the cost of returning all goods at all times.

10. Please allow up to TEN working days for delivery.

11. Bhp & Torque figures cannot be guaranteed to be exactly the same as stated on our website or any literature produced by Ecotech Performance but should be similar.

12. You should inform your insurance company if you modify your vehicle in any way.

13. There is no guarantee that the increase in performance will not affect the longevity of your engine/brakes/clutch etc.

14. As with any tuning device the limit of our liability in respect of any mechanical failure after fitting the unit whether associated or not, shall be the purchase price of the goods only.

15. Please be aware that you may encounter problems with your vehicles fuel computer.

16. ALL Ecotech Performance Tuning Modules are programmed to order with software for the customer’s specific vehicle, and are therefore excluded from the distance selling regulations.

Any further costs are your responsibility.

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