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Welcome to the Ecotech Performance Website

Custom ECU Remapping, Chip Tuning, DPF Solutions and Rolling Road in North Wales and the North West


Here at Ecotech Performance we specialise in bespoke/custom ECU Remapping/Engine Tuning.

We are also one of the UK’s leading DPF solutions experts. Our DPF solution services include.

Experienced, Proffessional Diagnosis, Rolling/Static Regeneration, 3 Stage Chemical Cleaning and also complete DPF Removal. 

*DPF removal for off road use only*

We also offer many other ECU calibration related services across the North West, North Wales, Manchester, Liverpool, Cheshire, Chester, Wrexham, Wirral, Shropshire and throughout the UK.

Remapping for your vehicles engine control unit (ECU) optimises your engine, which will dramatically improve the performance of your vehicle and will give you better fuel economy*

By modifying the computer that controls your car’s engine (ECU) and the parameters programmed in to it from the factory. Our experienced remapping engineers at Ecotech can optimise every aspect of the engine from the throttle response and the delivery of power, to the power and torque itself.

We can also show proven power gains on our in house rolling road/dyno.


Over the years, car engine remapping has concentrated on the greatest power gains possible. If this is what you require, our specialised Ecotech Performance remapping engineers are committed to providing it. Although, what many people don’t realise is that economy tuning by our engineers can also optimise your vehicles engine, to get the best possible fuel economy from your vehicle.

We GUARANTEE your car engine remapping will get more MPG on all diesel engines*

Save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in fuel every year with our ECU Car Chip Tuning/remapping  service

We also provide complete tuning packages, providing hardware modifications to suit your budget aswell as customised software to get the best from those modifications.

All our software is developed in house on our rolling road to give you a smooth and progressive linear power delivery, still within component specification, so as to have peace of mind when it comes to your vehicles reliability.

The main benefits of a car engine remap:

•More MPG – up to 20% improved fuel economy

•Reduced emissions (Vehicle dependant)

•Enhanced sharper throttle response

•Smoother more progressive power delivery

•Fantastic Power and Torque gains

•Undetectable by main dealers

•Lifetime Software Warranty

•Re-coup your investment typically in 6 months.

We also provide many other ECU and vehicle related services. Check out our ‘Products and Services’ page for info on

Performance Tuning Stages 2,3 and 4

Diagnostics and Fault finding

DPF/FAP removal, DPF Delete

Speed limiting and Speed limiter removal

Immobiliser removal

and more

If you are a motoring enthusiast that just wants the optimal performance from your vehicle then you can enquire about our performance or race software.

4 Responses to Welcome to the Ecotech Performance Website

  1. Mr. R.Mackenzie says:

    I have just had the EGR valve replaced on my 2010 VW golf 1.6tdi after a few running problems and after about one month I have the lumpy tickover back again till I take it for a blast then it behaves itself again.This car is driving me crazy with its idle problems,is it the valve that is not happy or the DPF or a combination of the two.What can be done to get this car running without these problems.
    The EGR valve was replaced because on a run on the motorway the car went into limp mode and the fault code that came up was this piece of rubbish,
    now I feel like I am back to square one. Thanks, BOB

  2. John Elias Joned says:

    Hello I’m considering a Performance map for my 2017 Golf R it’s totally standard at the moment which map do you suggest regards John

    • Ecotech says:

      If the vehice is standard then Stage 1 is all you can have.
      Stage 2 and above comes from us tuning the vehicle to the hardware modifications that are on the car.
      if you need more info call 07814976624 or contact us on our facebook or instagram accounts

      Best regards

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